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Ana maria & Ovi

Ana Maria and Ovi are a family with roots and traditions Rapa Nui , deeply grateful for the many natural resources and beauties island . In their daily enjoy what they do and are proud to share their stories , traditions and customs of each visitor.

Among them are factors in common: the passion and dedication of each activity performed , achieving total surrender that visitors feel supported , well attended and at home .

Ana Maria (Fi ) makes every single detail is um magical result . In each room or cabana will florar delicate arrangement , mixing different leaves, flowers and sea shells , achieving a harmony of color and texture giving joy to many spaces.

Ovi be unconditional with our visitors. I can almost say that prodrías ” live ” the wonders of the island through the eyes of Ovi. Always ready to guide you and keep you company for as long as necessary.

We would like you too can be part of this and we can show you in Rapa Nui the sense of wonder is amazing! .

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